What colour facial hair on men do you girls/women find the most sexiest?

Colour :

1. Blonde
2. Black
3. Brown/dark brown
4. Red/Ginger

*I am talking 5 o clock shadow, light stubble, heavy stubble, light beard, etc etc*

You can even add the skin tone you would like with the facial hair colour too if you like.
And what makes it so attractive to you?


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  • Honestly I don't really pay attention to a guys facial hair, and if I do it doesn't really matter what color it is, as long as the guy is attractive.


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  • Asexual so I honestly don't care. However lately my friends and my mothers friends have been dating and I've been conducting social experiments regarding such things like this. They typically are more attracted to a male partner that are either clean shave or have light stubble with a variance of dark brown to light blonde hair which I'd depends on skin tone.


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