Do all men's deodorant cause rashes? Or is there a brand that is natural and does not cause a rash?

So I've been getting rashes from deodorants for a long time. And all of the brands cause rashes. Old Spice was recently sued for causing rashes. When you look at the ingredients list of deodorants it's all chemicals. I'm tired of using chemicals to smell good, if we are human shouldn't we be using earthly deodorants?


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  • There's a Thai Mineral Salt deodorant that works.

    I have a friend who's allergic and he uses Mitchum

    But ACTUALLY what works best is just rubbing alcohol. BO actually comes from bacteria in your stinky areas, and if you use the alcohol it kills the bacteria so you don't smell!

    • Interesting. I'm glad you actually answered my question, rather than the men on here who just talk a bunch of shit. And I like the natural thai mineral salt idea! Thanks!

    • You're welcome :)

      Hahahaha you were bound to get a few of those.

    • I second the mineral salt, was just about to type the same thing. Works surprisingly well.

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  • Depends on the person
    I've never gotten a rash from any deodorant

  • its for yo skin but ill also rather a natural


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