Will this prevent bad tan lines?

I'm working as a summer camp counselor and I know it sounds dumb but I'm really worried I'll have horrible tan lines. It's full time during the week, all outside, but I have the weekends off. I have a lake house that I plan on going to on the weekends- if I lay out in my bikini for a couple hours those two days a week, do you think it will prevent me from having really bad tan lines? I burn more easily than I tan but I do get color if I spend long periods of time outdoors. I just wanna make sure my chest, back, and stomach aren't way pale!

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  • It might work to blend them a little. The sun is more intense in the morning so try then. It could take a while to blend the tan lines if you tan slowly though. You could also try a tanning lotion.

    • Should I wear sunscreen during the week when I work and then not wear it as much when I'm tanning at the lake, so that I tan faster on the weekends and slower during the week?

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    • Yes or get a weaker sunscreen. Can you go topless there? I like having tanned boobs.

    • Hahaha no way especially not around my family. But I don't care, I don't mind tan lines from my bikini, I just don't want them from a tshirt and shorts

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  • Just embrace your camp tan lines. Looks aren't everything girl.