I need to buy new shoes, what should I buy?

I want a sneaker or casual shoe that is stylish and attractive for summer. That being said im trying to stay away from hightops because i dont like the hightop shorts look. Ps im in highschool


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  • Get Vans

    • haha i have 5 pairs already but what kind of vans specifically?

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    • thanks haha im kind of addicted to vans...

    • Lol same. I have a lot of the same style but I'm different colors

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  • Nike Free Trainer Super Bowl 50 edition, These shoes are amazing! I got them about a month and a half ago and they will really get you noticed. The gold also reflects in the sunlight. Overall my friends all really like them and tons of people ask where I got them or if they are custom. They are slightly feminine but if you want style, it has to be a tad feminine. 9/10 people will love this shoe and 1/10 will really hate the look and may call you gay, but as a joke. They are also on sale, only $80 instead of $140


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  • *Nike kyries*, Jordan retros, or under armors are in (they are short topped too)

    • There are Nike kobes too but I insist the kyries they are more summer like

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  • Nikes are life