Searching for a nice dress for wedding/events/etc?

Hello :)

As the title already tells, i am searching for a new dress which i can wear at the wedding of my mother. I dont want to wear it only there, maybe for some other good reasons, i will wear that dress again. For example for the next wedding or for some glamorous events (an art gallery f. e.) or any other events. I already searched through the internet, and found something nice from escada. As you´a ll know its very expensive most times, but they often have nice offers with low prices (low for escada, but not low at all :D) Now i wanted to ask you, which dress would fit best to a wedding in your opinion and why do you think so? But i dont mean any dress there, i just mean the dresses which are under 300 bucks, i found some at Would you prefer other brands? Or should i spend more money than 300? I am not sure.

regards and thank you in advance :)


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  • Oh my goodness, these can be quite pricey.. I'm personally not a huge fan of the styles I just scrolled through on the site, I don't think you need to stick to one specific brand. What I usually do is shop around a TJMAXX or a Marshalls. It's not as easy and it's definitely kind of a treasure hunt sort of experience, but they do have some really good quality stuff that's way cheaper.

  • Oh gosh those dresses are pricey. If you want a dress you can wear to a wedding and other events, I would try a cocktail dress or an incredibly simple long dress. A cocktail dress with wedges is totally appropriate for a wedding and you can definitely wear it to something like an art gallery opening. You definitely don't need to stick one brand. Just focus on how it fits and the quality. I would try shopping at TJMAXX, marshalls, Ross, or you can try online.

  • This is a very nice Sherri Hill dress. It's $298. Do you like it?