Do chicks look ok in 5 panel hats?

I spend a lot of time outside and ticks have been bad - several people I know have gotten tick borne illnesses, which are awful. Anyway, I'm upping my hat wearing for protection.

Do women look ok in 5 panel hats? Also, are they fine to wear past 30?


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  • What do you think ticks are that they are going to get your head? :-/

    • Ticks like to hide in your hair. I'm from a rural area and have had several of them stuck in my head in my lifetime - but the diseases are getting worse.

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    • OK well if it is so bad I suggest either a baseball cap for the sporty things or a nice cowboy hat or trilby for the more fashion conscious days :)

    • Thanks :).

      I have a trusty baseball cap I wear most of the time I'm out in the woods, but the trilby style looks nice too. I've never heard that before.

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  • Yes they look ok


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  • Yes, they do

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