How to live with fine, thin hair?

I have always had fine hair, and when I was little, I thought of it as a blessing and now it's a curse. I can't manage any haircut which would suit me unless I got to my hairdresser every day. And I can't afford all the expensive hair products that they use.

I just wanted to know if there are people who struggle with thin hair and if there are, then please share your experiences of how you live with that and how you accept your hair as it is?


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  • Hey I believe thin hair could be because of the lack of oil and damage that's done to your hair. This may not be the case if wall hair types but let me ask you this.. do you find yourself showering under hot water everyday? Or washing your hair everyday in general? Your hair might be dry, lacking its oils, and damaged. You know how we lose water weight by exercising or going through certain weight los programs or whatever else? We lost weight and are essentially, technically smaller and thinner even if its not entirely noticable. Your hair may be thin because it lacks volume. Try applying olive oil to your hair every night and washing it off in the morning. Leave a shower cap on your head as you sleep and thank me later.

    • She's a white girl

    • Actually I wash my hair only twice (on special occasions even 3 ties) and with cool water. Perhaps I am missing some vitamins

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  • I can't say my hair is thin because it's not but it got a lot thicker when I started taking good care of it. In high school, I used to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair every single day. That was a mistake. My hair was so damaged that no amount of deep treatments or oils could restore it to its previous condition so I deiced to cut it off. I went from waist-length hair to chin length. I stopped using heat on it and washing it everyday and once I week, I put oil in it (coconut, almond, olive etc). I also started using a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are really harsh on your hair, especially if it's thin. So maybe you could try that too? Get an organic shampoo (I can recommend Aubrey), stop washing your hair everyday, let it air-dry and try not using too much heat on it. You could try castor oil too, it's good for hair-growth and a lot of people say that it made their hair thicker.

    Another thing you have to keep in mind is nutrition. If your body doesn't get all the vitamins and minerals that it needs, your hair won't either. Hair doesn't really play a vital function, it's just dead protein. Obviously your body will prioritize other, more vital bodily functions first and what's left over will go to your hair. If you're deficient in any vitamins and minerals your hair won't be strong and shiny. So try taking a multi-vitamin or maybe a hair vitamin? I can recommend biotin, silica and MSM. Or a b vitamin supplement perhaps.

    • Perhaps I should try with the oils

      Just so you know, I wash my hair twice a week, let it air dry, but my shampoo isn't too eco, bio etc. Wish all the good shampoos were cheaper because my hair is long :D

    • Well, in that case maybe it's just the natural texture of your hair? Do you use heat on it? Do you dye it? If you don't and your hair is already healthy then I guess there is not much you can do other than using oils and supplements. It doesn't work for everyone but try to google biotin/MSM before after pictures. Some people do get results. But since you only wash twice a week your hair can't be that thin. I have friends with super thin hair and their hair gets so oily that they have to wash everyday.

      Try baby shampoo. It's usually a lot more gentle and not as expensive :) shampoo bars are a good alternative as well but they don't agree with everyone's hair

    • I guess you can't change nature :D

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  • I have fine texture hair too, and they are also wavy and oily with a widow's peak.. It is indeed very difficult to like with them but I do my best.

    You need layers, but neither too few nor too many, with few it won't make a big difference, and with many it will make your hair look more sparse. And the hairdresser should cut them with scissors, without using a razor on the edges.

    You need to keep it healthy. That means avoid dying it and using heat. Should you dye it, use good organic dye. If you use heat on it, spray with heat protection spray, it doesn't weigh hair down like creams do. You can use dry shampoo so that you can avoid washing it too often. And google no heat hairstyles, you might find something you like.

  • Well I have fine thick hair, but my mom has fine thin hair. She puts rollers in her hair every day to give it more volume. Sometimes she dyes it a slightly darker color and it makes it appear thicker.
    Usually shorter hair cuts cuts best for fine hair.

  • i have super fine hair. I have a lot of it though. You just make sure you have to blow dry it when you want to look presentable. haha

  • I have thin hair. I just live with it 😕

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