Girls, Female peach fuzz removal?

Hey girls,

I know most of us have problems with having hair in places we don't want but mine seems to grow in very unusual places. Okay so let me start by saying, I am a fairly hairless person, I don't grow much hair. I don't grow peach fuzz on my upper lip, or on my chin, my arms are almost hairless and even around my brow area (aside from the occasional stray at the arch of my brow lol). However I do have peach fuzz on my cheeks and side burn area. I was talking with my friends and we examined each others faces and what not, and it seems that they all grew a little peach fuzz there as well, but it wasn't noticeable on them. My friends are mostly blonde or have soft brown hair. My hair is black. It is naturally very close to a blue black. So against my skin, it is very noticeable as I am more of a light tan color. I always keep it in check so it is not noticeable and I am in the process of getting laser hair removal, but I want to know if anyone else has this problem.

if you do, how do you remove it? I wax and do hair removal creams. Now that I am in the process of laser hair removal, I have to shave it (but t isn't growing back the typical way, because of the laser, the roots are basically dead lol).

Plus do any of you seem to grow hair around the sideburns and cheeks? Are you self conscious about it?


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  • I feel like if you try to take that off it's going to come back even darker.

    • I've been getting it waxed since my pre teens. It hasn't come back darker or thicker, and now that I am doing laser, it is coming back less and less. it's just that because my hair is so dark, even a couple hairs by themselves are noticeable, so I just try and keep on top of it!

  • I'm not self conscious about that. I had a friend who was and she had it threaded. Ouch.

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