She is beautiful and popular so I can't believe I keep thinking of her?

She's beautiful and sociable and has a lot of friends. I'm the opposite: isolated, average looking, don't have a lot of friends. And yet, somehow, we began hanging out...texting each other all the time, teasing and making fun of each other, making each other laugh.

That all ended though because, naturally, when school ended I didn't have the advantage of seeing her every other day. When vacation came, she had her friends from other colleges---she had them to hang out with. She didn't have a use for me anymore. She gets all the male attention she wants.

So, yeah, she hasn't sent so much a text in these two months. I just keep thinking about her. I sent them in the beginning but it was apparent that she didn't have the time to think of me anymore because she doesn't need to. She's in a position of abundance. I'm just one of those suckers who fall for her and whom she doesn't need.

I just can't believe I'm still thinking about her. Every day. I'm nowhere in her mind.


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  • Boss... Grab your balls and live your life dude. You're placing so much value to her name that it's torturing your heart and mind. There's more fish in the sea dude.

    Trust me.. You call yourself isolated, but your not really.. check this response on another person's answer: "who passes his time doing his own things, happily so, and sometimes with friends."... BINGO!.. Check this: Rather than sitting on your butt playing MW2 (I'm guilty).. Get out of the house and go do something. I don't care WHAT you do, but here's some starting ideas:
    - Go to the gym
    - Call up a random friend and just be spontaneous: "Hey! We're going to the mall. Let's go."
    - Grab a football / frisby / dog / etc.. head to the park and play around
    - Buy a guitar / practice at the park, when your good, open your guitar case for donations
    - Do another hobby.. Snowboarding / Camping / Fourwheeling / etc
    etc etc etc

    See the goal in all of those? Yeah.. it is a change of lifestyle, but that's what YOU are asking us for. You're asking basically: "Why doesn't she show attention back, I care about her.. why why.. why?" and I'm saying - Who the f*** cares?... Not to be a d***... But seriously, if she can't return a text in 2 months dude, she isn't interest and your not gonna get a date this way of thinking about her everyday, only to become more emotionally attatched.

    Trust me dude, I went through this sammmmmmmeeeeeeee sh*t with 3 girls until I learned. It's not time to sit around twiddling your thumbs and mourning over an understanding that will never come. Rather than being REACTIVE (seeing if she will every come around).. be PROACTIVE and make yourself desireable by both men AND women.. make yourself the "go to guy" for a lot of laughter.. The comedian that leads the group on stupid adventures and can be a little thrilling at times, and a complete dork at other times. BE THAT GUY.. It's hard at first because you are learning something you haven't done much of before. It's a little scary too. That's exactly what it's supposed to be.

    So.. FORCE YOURSELF IF YOU HAVE TO.. I DONT CARE.. Get off your butt and make the change that you're asking for.. Make yourself that "10" on the rictor scale of attractiveness and share those earthquakes of love with everyone around you. Make the girls hunt YOU out, rather than you hunting them out...

    You see.. the whole thing this is about, is being needy clingy.. we will go into that another time, message me dude. I will try my best to help you, but you cannot be hesitant with me otherwise it will take a long time to achieve what you're looking for.

    Read this blog:
    link ... it's by a good buddy named BobAIR that posts here occasionally. Read his information and apply it correctly into your life. After that, message me and I'll help you tweak it successful with your interactions in general. It will help your love life, social life, and business success. Let me know dude.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I was thinking about volunteering at my church a lot in the summer, something that I don't normally do. Does that count? That won't exactly make me "that guy", though.

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    • Another thing is that I wasn't this needy until it was apparent she wouldn't contact me anymore and not give a crap. Luckily I never acted on this neediness since I never texted her either, but this is a strange thing....I never expected to feel this needy for a person before and I hate it.

    • So break the habbit =P Learn to move on from those feelings, throwing them on the curb so that they aren't apparent in new endeavors.

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  • txt her and ask her does she want to hang out, tell her it would be good to catch up on stuff, nd maybe wen she's ou are she txts back tell her how uu feel nd ask does she feel anythin ?


  • get out more and meet new girls. this girl doesn't walk on water

    • I understand how easily this can cure me, but it is much easier said than done. Like I said, I'm a reserved guy who passes his time doing his own things, happily so, and sometimes with friends. Simply "getting out more" would require a lifestyle change and, face it, how many of us are willing to do that?

      Yeah, you're right, I'm overvaluing her. It still hurts though.

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  • well hot girls are like this and have a lot of people in their lives . you maybe have to do something to get noticed my her more . and it might also help if you became friends with some of her friends so you knew more of the same people

    but also I think in reality you may need to aim to date a more average girl

    • In terms of noticing me, we hung out one-on-one a few times....she apparently didn't have a problem with it then. And she'd initiate texting me occasionally too, it wasn't just me.

  • Realistically, YOU have no use for HER.

    And she needs to know that.

    • How do I let her know that?

  • have you seen "She's Out of My League?" stick to it if you really want her.

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