Guys: what's beautiful to you?

What's beautiful, cute, pretty, sexy, gorgeous, hot, etc. mean to you? Which are most important in a girlfriend? How would you rank them? Which would you call a girl you wanted to date? Which would you call a girl you were just flirting with? Which would you call a girl that was only a friend? Sorry for all the questions but I'm just curious...


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  • You should have a share of all of the above. Not perfect on all of the above. Just a share from every item above. Basically you are asking what attracts a guy in a girl. There are physical stuff , there are emotional stuff.

    Physicall stuff:

    1- Beautiful face

    2- Nice body ( not necessarily perfect )

    3- Dress in style ( not expensive , just things that convey the message that you like to take care of yourself)

    emotional stuff:

    1- Smile

    2- Laugh

    3- Confident and have goals and things in life that keeps her busy and give her energy

    an advice: Go to a gym or play a sport. Joind dance classes. People are attracted to people who are happy and fit. If you take care of yourself and enjoy your life , people will be around you like you are a magnet. Both boys and girls.

    have fun and enjoy your life :-)


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  • cute is some one I'd consider dating, as in potential. Cute can be completely erased is she is or (I know this is bad) looks slutty. pretty is a word to say when I am too intimated or don't think it is appropriate to say a more meaningful word. Hot pertains to sex and physical attraction. Gorgeous is a word that sounds better than it means. Being said it still has the most meaning out of the previous answers. A girl that is physically stunning, a look that is amazing yet unexpected. But beautiful. Beautiful is a word that I rarely use, this is because it has so much meaning to me. beautiful is the whole package, I tend to end up with the beautiful girl not the hot girl. this is much more than physical this a word that has love wrapped in it. I don't throw love or beautiful around, very little and girls have been very mad at me for this, but if I mean it, I mean it.

  • I think they all mean the same thing. I use "pretty," "gorgeous," or "beautiful" when I'm describing the girl I like. Any other good looking girl to me is just "hot."

    As long as a girl is nice, has a pretty face and isn't ridiculously overweight, it's all good to me.

    I would call a girl I wanted to date her name.

    I don't flirt.

    I would call a girl who is my friend my friend.

  • Cute is best, then hot. Cute girls don't get pregnant. Hot ones might.


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