Lane Bryant or Victoria's Secret?

I didn't really know there was beef going on between lingerie companies. xD

I'm guessing the big thing is size... but I just wonder which one would you go for?

Victoria's Secret is expensive... I've never stopped at Lane Bryant.

I am more of Ashley Grahams size, but I've seen some cool stuff in Victoria's Secret.

What do you feel is best price wise? Like I am too lazy too shop... lol

Thank you for your time.

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  • its like any other competitive company, Lane Bryant is more of the "comfort" side whereas Victorias Secret is all about "sexy" and since I have small breasts I have a drawer full of VS bras and panties. But it is expensive, so you gotta look out for the sales! Which I do.

    Price wise, go for Kohls - they have BEAUTIFUL bras by Candies, almost like VS (if thats what you want), the most you'll spend is $20.


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  • I don't like VS. I think they're overpriced and low quality. I haven't shopped at lane Bryant but it can't be worse

  • Neither

  • I prefer VS