Girls, what will your favourite outfit for the coming summer look like?

Although the question includes a poll I deliberately did not add pictures. There are so many types of decorations and accessories the question would become a photo album...
So feel free to add a pic from the web if you like!

The poll is mainly about flashy colours or not, and decorations / accessories or not. The other option is there to open the door to any other characteristic of the outfit you'd like to talk about :D

Guys, feel free to comment on your favourite outfit on her, the girls will without a doubt appreciate our feedback :D

  • Flashy colours, lots of decorations and accessories
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  • Flashy colours, no or few decorations or accessories
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  • No flashy colours, but with decorations and accessories
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  • Neither flashy colours nor decorations or accessories
    Vote D
  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I dress very simply, always have. I feel weird and uncomfortable when I attempt to wear something flashy. It's just not me!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Jeans and a t shirt

    • A nice casual look... I guess most guys would prefer a dress or skirt on a girl but probably a less sexy look makes us focus on the girl as a person - not on her looks!

    • Haha your opinion could only be the MH... you were "the" guy opinion yet to the point!

    • thanks for mh

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