Why are a lot of beautiful women so dull and laconic?

I think the issue is that they've gotten so used to just getting a free pass on everything by looking pretty that they failed to develop an intriguing personality. All the "hot" girls that I've known in my past (I graduated high school a year ago) were so BORING and uninspiring. All they ever cared about was celeb gossip, Facebook drama, Twilight, and the next keg party that they plan on attending so that they can get smashed and have a one night stand.

I don't mean to sound jaded but facts are facts and I just pray that I can find an intelligent, beautiful, and actual INTERESTING girl to talk to some day.

Sorry, let me clarify, I'm not referring to ALL women, just some. Clearly there are beautiful, intelligent women. I just haven't met any. -shrug-


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  • The problem is that you're basing your opinion on your limited high school experience. That's high school, darling. There are PLENTY of beautiful women that can carry on an intelligent conversation and readily attempt to increase their intellect through reading or learning new things, like languages. The absolute best way to meet these women, at your age level, is to take a few college classes. You'll still meet women who are obsessed with Twilight or Facebook, but they'll be interested in so many more things. You just haven't looked in the right places yet for that smart, beautiful woman. I, for example, am in a doctorate program and read medical text books regularly as well as the classics and even books on finance. I'm currently teaching myself Italian so I can converse with my boyfriend and his mother. We do exist, I promise.

    Don't lose hope on the female sex just yet, because those women DO exist. So don't judge us all based on limited high school experience.


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  • Honestly I agree with you in a lot of cases. I also find women who were overweight or obese that lose weight to the point where they are at their normal weight or even skinny become very confident with themselves and almost arrogant. But on the other hand I also know girls that either grew up as a farm girl or a hardworker with a lot of morals and beliefs that don't base their lives on their looks. They don't think the are beautiful and they are pretty level headed

  • I don't think this is true at all. I know beautiful girls who are so smart. My hs valedictorian was this gorgeous girl who ended up going to MIT. My point is, she was beautiful, smart, nice, funny, a great friend, etc...what you've experienced in your hs isn't true of all girls. Maybe your hs was just extra shallow


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  • hey, there are a lot of the kind of women that you are talking about who ride through life on their looks.

    yea its annoying, but there are just as many beautiful intelligent hotties out there bro.

    Usually the really beautiful ones have a barrier up, or a 'dumb bitch shield' if you will. This is usually to stop hordes of guys from harrassing her all day with their boring pick up lines etc.

    A very beautiful girl gets a least 10 guys a day hitting on her if she goes outside, and that's a conservative figure. Imagine haveing to deal with that everywhere you go.

    They would rather make a guy think that they have long term personality flaws then stop and have intelligent conversation with every single guy they meet. Also they don't even know what the guy has to say or offer, so if he doesn't get it right within the first few seconds, she will label him as another boring waste trying to talk to her and put up her bitch shield.

    just because they, twitter Facebook and like twightlight, doesn't make them shallow or boring, it just means that you find those things boring so you would have to find something else that you both like or have in common. They may find some of the things you like to do boring similarly (play video games etc.) they are just hobbies and practices.

    im sure youree problem isn't really that they are boring but that you find that with hotter girls its harder to get through that shield and see who she really is. I'm sure if one of those same hotties wanted to go out with you you wouldn't say no, unless you're in denial that is.

    Find out how to get through that shield and you will find that seemingly shallow people can be very deep. Its for this reason that I only go for very beautiful women myself. But I do understand your point, and there are many wastes of a body walking around. In the old days they were the kind that wouldve been rounded up for the kings harem , lol

  • I agree a lot of girls not all though have a hard time socializing in real life so shy they become hermits therefore boring, I dated a girl like this and it was annoying and depressing. Not all girls but you will run across some like these types.

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