Girls, how many beauty products do you own?

It would be funner if you can tell me what they are for example : i have 2 face creams, 5 mascaras , 20 lipsticks, 5 lip balms and whoever names the brands gets mho! Also , You can include makeup too. But, don't pretend to have something you don't ok lol i'm just bored and curious x


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  • Well seeing as we're going with facial products here we go lol:
    - Benefit They're Real Mascara Primer
    - Benefit They're Real Mascara
    - Nyx Cream Blush
    - Nyx Lock It Concealer
    - Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment
    - Elf Lid Primer
    - Loreal Eyebrow Mascara
    - Beauty Blender
    - Angled liner brush (Sephora)
    - Nyx Gel Liner
    - Cerave Foaming Facial Clenser
    - Neutrogena Toner
    - Foxbrim Vitamin C Daily Facial Moisturizer
    - La Roche Posay Thermal Water Spray
    I think that's everything :)


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  • 1 loose powder (from Melyssa)/1 orange blush (from Melyssa)/2 lipgloss (from Yves rocher)/1 kohl pencil (from Yves rocher)/1eyeliner (from Miss den)/1 mascara (from Miss den)/1 eye duo (from Miss den)/1 eye palette (from Gemey Maybelline)/5 lipsticks (from : Yves rocher/Revlon/Melyssa)

  • Uh... I own a hairbrush. That's more or less it :P Well, no, I think I have maybe three lipsticks? I have a lip balm thing that has mint and aloe vera and I have no idea if it actually works but it tastes awesome. I also have some body cream stuff that's supposed to smell like white tea and jasmine. That's it, I think.

  • 1 eye liner
    1 mascara
    1 facial powder
    1 eye shadow

    The end

    • Ong same ! And al these girls so far have like a whole store of products lol!

  • ○ Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation in Classic Ivory
    ○ Sheer Envy Primer by Hard Candy
    ○ Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous light concealer
    ○ Annabelle Kohl pencil eyeliner in Coffee
    ○ L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner in Carbon Black
    ○ Covergirl Plumpify blastPRO mascara
    ○ Eos lip balm in Summer Fruit
    ○ Hard Candy Fierce Effects lip gloss in Make Me Blush
    ○ Ari by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum

  • 3 foundations
    1 concealer
    3 powders
    3 blushes
    1 bronzer
    3 mascaras
    4 eyeliners
    5 lip liners
    10 lipsticks
    13 lip glosses
    8 eye shadow palettes
    1 highlighter

    this is all just off memory. probably have way more that i dont realize lol

  • Isn't make up classified as a beauty product anyway? lol

    I have:
    4 shades of Estee Lauder DW foundation
    1 Estee Lauder DW concealer
    1 Estee Lauder DW primer
    2 shades of NARS luminous foundations,
    2 shades of NARS tinted moisturiser
    A bronzer by stila
    2 eyeliners by stila
    2 eyebrow pens by stila
    A blush by Maybelline
    2 mascaras by L'oreal
    A chapstick by Nivea
    A volcanic ash face mask from The Face Shop
    A moisturiser by Neutrogena

    And I have more than this...

    • I would also like to throw in that witch hazel toners saves lives!! EVERYONE SHOULD INVEST IN IT.

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    • I think you can buy it at any supermarket. I live in Australia so I'm able to find it in stores like Woolworths and Big W. Make sure you check the ingredients before purchasing it. If I recall correctly mine contains witch hazel and some alcohol.

      Yes, I used to have mild acne all over my cheeks and temples, and after about a month of use they've completely disappeared. I use it morning and night. I get two cotton pads and soak them with the toner (not to the point they're dripping though), then I wipe my face with one of them thoroughly and use the second one to make sure everything is clean. Witch hazel toners will clean your skin of any excess oils but won't leave your skin super dry. I use this in conjunction with my Neutrogena combination skin moisturiser. You won't regret it, I promise! :)

    • the fact that it contains alcohol totally turned me off. I have very very sensitive skin and i have to use an alcohol and fragrance free face wash. But i'll look into it

  • I have a lot!!! Lets see... where to start..

    6 Yves Saint Laurant lipsticks
    1 Yves Saint Laurant concealer
    1 Marc Jacobs concealer
    1 Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
    1 Revlon foundation
    1 Laura Mercier setting powder
    1 Laura Mercier eye setting powder
    Kat Von D contouring kit (which I ONLY use when I go out somewhere interesting).
    Tarte palette eyeshadows
    1, 2 and 3 Naked palettes

    lets just say I have a whole drawer...
    And for moisturizers I use Acure brand, its inexpensive and works really amazing and that goes for eye cream, face cream, toner and oils like Marula Oil.

  • lip balm face scrub and moisturizer

  • I hoard makeup I don't even use apparently, I have 5-10+ of everything, from mascara to eyeliner and eyeshadow and face creams. Only thing I have 1 of is foundation/powder.

  • Maybeline Dream Fresh BB cream
    L'Oréal Voluminous Mascara
    And 2 eyeshadow palettes

  • "Funner"

  • I have way to much. but only a few things that i actually use.

  • Honestly can't count... I have a dressing table with 6 drawers, full of products and make up, then I have one of those portable wheeled drawers you see make up artists and hairdressers have again full of products then I have a bunch of junk laying around in my room and bathroom.
    Irony is I don't actually use it all much and I probably wear make up about 5 times a year haha. I don't know why I have it all, just for fun I guess. Hair products is another story though, I use all of those too often.

  • I can't tell you how much because I have a ridiculous amount

    But I do have 3 cleansers on my sink counter and 2 more in the shower
    I have 3 bars of soap and 3 body washes
    3 tones
    4 large bags of cotton wipes
    About 10 nail polishes
    30 tubes of lipstick