What do shy or quiet guys look for in a girl?

the title says it all

Is he considered shy if he talks to only guys at school and with a lot of girls online ? Or is he just quiet ?


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  • well, this is a two answer question with two different cases.

    1. He either looks for a girl who is outgoing and/or with many friends

    2. or he looks for a girl that is like he is, shy...

    in case 1 this is a shy guy, probably without many friends, or at least without popular friends. And he wants a girl that can lead him into being more outgoing and gain him some friends himself in the process. He is looking for someone that will guide him.

    in case 2 this is a shy guy, He thinks he has more of a chance with someone like he or just finds them attractive because he has the same attributes as the girl.

    Shy or not though, most guys still pay attention to looks. and likes attract like so if he's big, he'll want a big girl, vice verse. So even with a shyer guy, looks are important and you girls still gotta stay up on your grind. The only way that looks are not important, in most cases, is when the guy has little or no self-esteem. Then he will go for just about any1 and still be happy with them.

    If you want more detail or something like that and your answer wasn't really answered then feel free to ask again but being more specific...such as tell me the guys case or tell me exactly what your looking for in the answer by giving me an example

    • In case one he has friends and they are kind of popular. In case two he is crushing on a girl who is not shy but she isn't outgoing.

    • Well, then he just don't want someone like all the ones he sees. he probably likes a girl that will be there for more-over "him only" and not be stuck in every1 elses world/up friends asses at the same time. This is a good thing though in my opinion.....seems like he is looking for long term commitment

    • Thx :)

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  • A girl that is completely the opposite of him (outgoing)


    A girl that is like him..shy and cute.


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