What to wear for IMG Models application?

I'm taking my pictures/video tomorrow, but don't know what to wear or where to take the video. I don't have much room in my house to walk, especially with heels and hardwoods. I'm plannjng to wear a tight black tank top, hair down and straight, no makeup, 4 inch nude heels, but I don't know what to wear on my bottom half? Do I wear skinny jeans, shorts,? I have a pair of dark blue skinny jeans from AE, dark blue shorts and a pair of white cuffed shorts picked out, but I'm not sure what they want to see. And do I take the video in my driveway?


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  • wouldn't leggings be better?

    • Their website says skinny jeans, but one of the model samples is wearing shorts

    • Do you have really nicely defined calves? If so, go for shorts.
      If not then skinny jeans it is!
      depends on what you feel comfortable with

    • My calves are pretty muscular, but I have thin legs, so I'm not sure about the shorts, and skinny jeans show off the length, but don't look as good from the front. I might do my pictures in shorts, and the video in jeans, but that might seem a little odd to them lol

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