What to wear for modeling application?

I'm taking my pictures/video tomorrow and sending them into IMG Models, but don't know what to wear or where to take the video. I don't have much room in my house to walk, especially with heels and hardwoods, so do I just take the video in my driveway? I'm planning to wear a tight black tank top, hair down and straight, no makeup, and 4 inch nude heels, but I don't know what to wear on my bottom half. I have a pair of dark blue skinny jeans from AE, dark blue shorts and a pair of white cuffed shorts picked out, but I'm not sure what they want to see.


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  • Check out their website if you haven't already or the ad, maybe give them a call if possible? I would think it would depend on what type of modeling you're applying for or they are looking for. They will often state what to wear I believe? I would contact them if you can and ask. If not, maybe do an internet search on what people suggest. What you have picked out sounds good to me. And I'd go with the jeans for the bottoms.


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  • -clothing (dark blue jeans, any heels and a White tshirt)
    -hair down
    -no make up
    -no jewellery (earrings are ok)

    -full body length shot
    -close up (optional)

    -needs to be a full shot of you walking. If you have more room in the driveway then take it in the drive way.
    I suggest you send two videos. One of you walking normally, another video of you walking and taking a jacket off and swinging it over your shoulder, or hands in your pockets things like that.

    • The video portion says to state your name, age, height, and where you're from. Will it make more of a positive impression to say, "Hi IMG. My name is.." first, or just "My name is."?

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    • @megankxthleen Don't need to leave sweetie, some earplugs will work... Pizza's in the kitchen too *Pulls Mooky into bedroom and closes door*

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  • Something with nylons, stockings or tights and heels...

    • What about leggings?

    • Leggings are sexy however really common... if you want to catch someone's attention, go with sheer or shiny black or tan nylons with heels and a short skirt... trust me!

    • Well they want to see the shape of the model''s body and aren't judging the clothes. It's based on what they're looking for in a body type, not exactly an eye-catching outfit. Otherwise, that sounds like a perfect street-style fashion and I would definitely consider it out and about! So thank you for that!

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  • blue jeans, white tshirt. Don't make the video outside, meke it somwhere in a hallway or something.