What does it mean to be "strong-willed"?

Randomly, I told him to his face that i felt like kissing him. He's asked me out before even though i said i didn't want anything serious, so we just made out (my idea). He was still surprised that this is actually happening, that we kissed, etc. He said that he still cares for me and that even though i dont want anything serious, we have summer and could hang out. He wants to go out with me and started saying "I think you're kinda pretty, strong-willed, and intelligent."

I don't think I'm smart or "strong-willed", could he be making it up? Or am I just unaware of my traits? Lol


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  • strong-willed
    determined to do as one wants even if other people advise against it.

    I guess it would mean like stubborn, but usually in a good way.

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