Girls with curly hair, any ideas?

Sooooo, after I passed the period of my life in which I totally hated my hair, now I try to wear my hair naturally. In my profile picture it is straight but in the "cover" pic its curly, since its not loose then u can't really see the curls, anyways. I wanted to ask about some good hair products that could keep my curls defined ( but not "crunchy" ) and frizz-free? And does anyone of u have some tips or something?

P. S. I have thick hair, so if u know anything good for thick hair it would be nice to know! :)

Test test XD


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  • Test test hahaha :P :D
    Anw i like ur hair whatever its shape even if u are bald xD :P

    • Awww hahah thanks! No guy would like a girl if she's bald though :P

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  • ow I think you ll look great with long black thick curly hair <3 <3
    before you shower moisturize your hair.
    use an oil nourishing shampoo like l oreal elvive
    for masks and creams I use garnier ultra doux
    use after shower oils too, last one I used is mythic oil but there are better ones
    like biosilk this is a conditioner though
    also don t go out with your hair wet cs it will dry them

    • How did I forget to tag you in this!! XD
      awww thanks ❀ P. S. My hair is dark brown not black πŸ˜‚

      thanks for answering the question, it helped! πŸ˜„

    • still awesome haha
      no worries ^^
      I used to hate my hair too so I get you :)

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  • I would say use hair mask for the hair to not get that frizzy, and after washing put like oils in the ends...
    And some products that are for curly hair... like mousse and stuff
    Ou and if you have, blow dry with a diffuser...

    • I will do those things, thanks! 😊 I'm planning on getting the diffuser soon! I hope it works

  • John Frieda has a good spray for that

  • Mousse !

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