How to be yourself?

I'm so confused! I just don't know how to be myself?

Please help!


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  • Well, try finding things out about yourself by experimenting. Try finding things out by yourself that you like and what you don't like. Find out which activities and hobbies you truly enjoy and ones you don't like so much, or what type of music you like, which styles of clothing, etc., and learn to feel comfortable expressing your likes and dislikes to other people, no matter what their opinion may be. Also, try examining how you act around other people and how you feel around them. Are you quiet? Loud? Shy? Bubbly? Also, when talking to people, if you feel like speaking up about something or something pops up into your mind, don't try to hide it, just speak up and voice your thoughts.

  • Well, you should know what you love to do, what you believe, what you can do comfortably. Being yourself do not have guide lines, it doesn't have rules. Have you ever felt doing something subconsciously? mostly, that is yourself. Just do things you love, don't get affected with peer pressure. Better yet, be adventurous, cause in those journey you would really learn how to understand yourself :))