Girls, teach me about make up?

What are must do's must donts?
favourite brands you like to to
favourite area of face to work on
where you get tips from
people that inspire your make up
name your style


Most Helpful Girl

  • - my must do is full in my eyebrows, I could only fill in my eyebrows and feel fine even if I have nothing else on
    - I always ensure I dont use more than four products for an everyday look
    - this includes foundation, eyebrow powder, mascara, lip stain
    - my favorite product is my Dior skin foundation (don't even need concealer with it)
    - I also love my collection lipstain, it tastes well nice and keep my lips naturally pink
    - I love playing around with my lips
    - nathalie paris is my favorite YouTuber for makeup Inspo. She has a really fresh and natural 'no makeup' style look.
    - my favorite brand is Benefit, because it's cute 💗
    To be honest, most of my friends think I only wear mascara and do my eyebrows, so the natural "no makeup" look is working!! 🙏


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  • My look is fairly plain and I made it up myself.
    I don't really enjoy makeup or doing it, it's a chore. I just use the usual pharmacy/supermarket type brands like loreal, maybelline etc. I wear it every day when I go out anywhere though... usually the loreal true match foundation, with the maybelline age rewind concealer and some Revlon colour stay lip colour in a plum red, but I rub it off a bit and then dab a little in the centre so it doesn't look so full on. I sometimes put red lipstick on cheeks and lips instead. Eyes I don't touch very often, I get lash extensions every few weeks or so, so I don't need to use anything (I hate removing it or getting panda eyes and eyeliner does not suit me, it makes me look like some kind of derro) and if I don't get them done, I use a light layer of mascara and curl them after.

  • ○ Must do: Primer. Nothing's worse than having all your makeup melt off on a hot day, and primer helps prevent that.
    ○ Must don't: Mousse foundation. At least for me. I've NEVER found a way to use it without it looking like I'm wearing a mask.
    ○ Fave brands: L'Oreal, Mac, Urban Decay, Tarte & Hard Candy.
    ○ Essentials: Some sort of eyeliner pencil (i've been liking colors more recently, rather than coal black. Because my eyes are blue, I've found that a golden/coppery eyeliner really brings them out nicely), eyelash curler/plumping mascara, concealer, CC/BB cream, eyebrow pencil.
    ○ Favorite area: Eyebrows probably.
    ○ Inspiration: Nobody.
    ○ Style: Um... is "basic" a style? lol

  • Do spray your face with setting spray once done, do not draw a line on your eyelid for eyeliner & then draw a line going out in a horrid attempt to make a wing, simply do it all at once. I really like Maybelline brand. Concealer is the best, I like working on my contour & highlight the most. I watch tons of YouTube makeup tutorials and I look a Pinterest often. People that inspire my makeup are Kylie Jenner, and pretty much every mainstream beauty guru on YT. They always look flawless.

  • Good skin is a must so skin care trumps makeup

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