Girls, would you like if an average looking guy stopped you on the street and tell you are beautiful?

I decided that I should go to the girl that I see is beautiful on the street and just tell her that straight in her face. I did it today . Then I wished she would have a nice day and then went on to my own business.

She played with her hair and was a bit surprised , but she seemed happy.

Do you like if someone does that to you girls? What could I have done better and what should I avoid?

Girls , an update, would you prefer that I come and say it to you while you are in a group ? Or do you prefer that I say it to you while you are on your own ? What would be more comfortable and make you more happy ? :-)
What if you are not in a group but in a public place and people can hear , like central station for example , or on the subway . Or do you prefer that nobody hears except you ?


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  • I had a guy do this to me randomly when I was out with friends eating. I sat across from him and just glanced at him and he was like "you're so beautiful, I love your eyes" It was sweet and in no way creepy. I blushed a lot and just smiled and said "Thanks" then he went on his way. It was interesting and it made me feel good =]

    • How would you define creepy? what would have he done that could have ruined the moment?

      If he is interested in you , how could he advance more without bieng creepy?

    • Maybe stayed there and not say anything? But I always love a guy who can make me laugh right off the bat. If you can't make me laugh, I'm not interested.

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  • Really doesn't matter where you say it (among a group of friends, taking public transportation or alone). The mere gesture is absolutely great! My suggestion is to be honest and sincere. Also, don't expect anything in return just do it out of the kindness of your heart. Us women love that just as well as I'm quite sure you as a male would like a woman to tell you how attractive you are. To this day the best compliment I received was from a total stranger.

    I was in line at the ATM and this man told me how beautiful I am. I thanked him but he decided to go on and tell me more. Although I was a bit embarrassed, he turned and said, "Don't take credit for your beauty. You go home and thank your mother and father." It was funny, sweet and sincere. I along with everyone else in line at the ATM had a nice laugh and were all in good spirits because of that comment...therefore, tell women how beautiful they are. We love it.

  • I would like that. I think that's really sweet, and it would definitely make my day if that happened, and maybe even make me feel a little bit more confident in myself. ^_^ I would probably be all shy if that happened, but it would be nice. :)

    • What would you think of the guy? would you admire him because he made such a step?

    • Yes, I think I would. I would imagine that just going up to someone and saying something like that isn't very easy for most people to do. Some people are too self-conscious to just go up to someone and give them a compliment, so I would think that not only is the guy very kind, but fairly brave and confident as well.

  • I think that was very sweet, I would have blushed completly though. Couldn't have been better!

    • Would you like if I comment on how well you dress and match your clothes?

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