How can I lighten my dark red hair back to strawberry blonde?

This blog post tells me how this girl died her dark brown hair to blonde. I'm wondering if this will work for me. I don't know too much about hair however.

I had strawberry blonde hair and dyed it red. Now I want to go back to my natural color.

I don't want opinions on if this is a good or sensible idea. I know it's a better idea to go to a salon. However, I'm not made of money. I would just like to know if this will work and not end horribly.

Thank you in advance!

Updates: this is what my hair currently looks like and this is a comparison of my hair before and after


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  • Dye it brown, then bleach it or instead of bleaching use a strawberry blonde hair dye along with a 40o developer. I made the mistake of dyeing the ends of my hair red and I attempted to bleach them as soon as they got orange. I had to do it 2 times and the red dye was still there and my hair was also destroyed, so I had to cut it off.
    Never dyeing my hair red again.


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  • Colour removal treatments is your best bet to start. It may take 2-3 treatments to get any drastic results, but it is better than straight bleaching and it's less damaging. Then, if you should decide to bleach it at that point (it depends on how much your hair lightens) then I suggest putting coconut oil on your hair to protect it before you do bleach it. From there, you can alter your hair colour however you'd like, but be advised that it'll likely experience SOME damage.

  • You strip the colour then apply a blonde, but do wait a week or more in between or your hair will be ruined. But your hair gets ruined anyway and loses strength when you bleach it to blonde. It will just get worse everytime it's dyed unless it's done by a professional everytime and you use professional hair treatments, otherwise is will ruin you hair.

    • i really don't want to strip the color from my hair though. That's why I have been looking into safer DIY ways to lighten my hair. I also don't want to spend money on all of that stuff.

      Thanks though.

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    • Ugh. To lighten hair you need to strip the colour, if you want the colour to hold properly. And if you're lightening it by several shades, you will want to use professional lightening products and get ongoing treatments or you will wreck your hair with the stress and poor treatments of using cheap products. It will literally fall out or malt if you keep re-dying using cheap dyes.

  • Let your hair grow out naturally

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