Girls, Which do you prefer, shaven men or hairy men?

I normally shave my whole body (neck down) but recently I started noticing that there are quite a lot of women who like hairy men, so i need some feedback

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  • I like some hair. Makes them sexy

  • I like guys with hair... The only time there needs to be a shave is if the guy is a competitive swimmer or when he's trimming the tree down south, other wise, hair please.

    • I Play football (soccer) and i swim a lot because i work as a lifeguard, so i normally shave my legs

  • I like a man, not a boy or "Ken doll." Excessive hair not so much though.

    • Let's say i have really hairy legs, would it still be attractive or not?

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    • My legs are in a different league of hairy which is why i shave them

    • Well whatever you feel comfortable and confident is what matters. If you're not confident it shows and it'll be a turn off so just do what is best for you. But I don't think shaved legs are bad just not the entire body.

  • I don't like hairy men