What are some signs that a guy is unattractive when talking to a girl?

Constant frowning? Short answers? What?


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  • It's really kind of hard for me to give you a definite answer on this one, because I do my best to be polite and personable to everyone I meet, regardless of how attractive I find them.

    If by unattractive, you mean a person who I really do not like, then I'd be giving short answers, not looking at them, and trying to stay as far (physically) away from them as possible. I'd probably find an excuse to stop talking to the person and go somewhere else.

    If you mean someone that I'm just not particularly attracted to the person, then it's a little more difficult, and the answer lies not in the signs I'm giving, but in the signs I'm NOT giving. I'll talk to you, but I probably won't ask you many personal questions, and I won't get flirty. I'll stand with you, but I'll be careful not to touch you. If you ask me to hang out or go out, I'll probably say something along the lines of "Well, I'll have to let you know" rather than "Sure, let's set something up".


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  • its tough to say for sure but I'd expect her to show a lack of interest , appear distratced , focused on things like her food / drinks or maybe schoo work as examples . she might also look at other guys as they walk by or at other guys in the room / bar . I think in general she would jsut appear uninterested in you and try and cut the conversation short

  • She files sexual harassment charges

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    • Is that what it means? Crap, I thought she was just playing hard to get. Really, really hard to get.

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