Men's Underwear? Cut? Color? Clarity?

Ahould they be black, grey, white, neon? Do you like long legs or none at all?

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  • Briefs: Most comfortable with tightness (for sports), most disliked by women, after male thongs of course.

    Boxer-briefs: slightly less comfortable than briefs, but most accepted underwear by women after boxers. (My personal preference - medium length)

    Trunks: same as boxer-briefs really but smaller. A lot are open in front with buttons

    Boxers: most comfortable if you like the feeling of letting it loose, also the coolest in temperature. Women like the most, but horrible for any physical activity compared with the others.

    For any underwear other than boxer: black, gray, or any other dark colored underwear (you don't want shit stains to appear).
    Boxers can have designs.


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  • I wear diesel briefs. Nice and supportive for mah giant penis­čśĆ

    Jk I just like them cause they're so soft lol

  • I usually wear boxers and ocationally briefs.