How much does an attractive body increase someone's hypothetical "rating" by your standard?

If they have an average looking facial structure. And think of an "average" body as the starting point, and a very fit / ideal one as an "attractive body". I'm talking about the difference between average and ideal, not between totally unattractive and ideal. How much does it make a difference to you?

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Also, if you want to post a pic of what this "ideal body" would be, go for it :)
Interesting, so for nearly 60% of women at this point it makes more than a little difference... that's a higher rate than I was expecting!


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  • Maybe a bit - personality and face is much more important to me than a body.

    • I agree... interesting poll results...

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    • I'm just surprised that the majority of women voted C or D. But yes, maybe the age range has to do with it.

    • Thank you for the mho!

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  • It raises it a little for me, but actually having low bodyfat in general improves your facial look quite significantly too.


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  • Body is MUCH more important.

    Below a certain threshold level of bodyfat, almost *any* man's face will look ruggedly attractive.
    "Traditional handsomeness" does nothing for me -- indeed, few things dry me up faster than a boy who's prettier than me -- so, yeah.

    Besides, it's not like you can put a paper bag over a boy's entire body... #maybekiddingmaybenot

  • To me, a average face and a nice body will get you a rating of slightly above average. Personally, I really care about the face. A amazing face and not nice body would put you at average. But if you get your body right then your about to hot as hell.

  • by a lottt, I've said it b4 and i'll say it again. if there's tiny biceps there then i'm not there.


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