Ever felt really down?

Have any of you ever felt like nothing is going your way? like the whole world just seems against you? Like, every-time try to accomplish something you get blown off and fail, again, and again, and again? Please share your stories, or your thoughts. I really need it right now Thanks


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  • I think everyone has had a point in their life where they've felt like this. It's definitely hard for someone to pull through.

    Although this isn't technically depression, it could be a sign towards it. If you start feeling really tired aka can't sleep or sleep too much, don't eat or eat a lot, and (big sign) start having thoughts that life isn't worth living, please go see a doctor.

    Now, to my story. There was a point in my life that a lot of s**t was going on. My parents were divorced since I was 2. They had a huuge custody battle over me because my mom's boyfriend that her and I were living with abused her and me. I ended up living with both of them because they couldn't decide what to do. My dad ended up being a huge di*k, like abusing me and to be honest, there are nights I don't know what happened (I can't remember) anything, except waking up in the basement without clothes on and bruises all over my body. I was in a huge fight with most of my good friends, I couldn't find a guy that liked me, my marks dropped drastically in school, I had gained a lot of weight but I wasn't eating anything, and I was getting beat up by kids at school for no reason. I started doing hard drugs and being a whore with people I didn't know because I was high. I got to a point where someone offered me a gun and I took it. I wasn't smart enough to go to a doctor, but I was smart enough to destroy the gun. I was thinking about the people that actually cared about me. The people I actually cared about. My pet dog and cat, me going to college and making a lot of money in a successful job. Finding a guy I cared about, and who cared about me and eventually starting a family.

    I know it seems pretty bad now, but you need to look at the silver lining. People are proven to learn more when they fail. With every failure, you will eventually have 2 victories. Just think, you're here for a reason, whether you are sent by God, or by the Devil. Find what you're here for, find who you're here for. Find out what you are meant to do. It will take a while, but in the end you will find life is worth living =)

    • Wow, what a story! Thank you soooo much. You have no idea what you just did for me! Thanks for that amazing answer! =)

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  • Yeah, it's called depression, and I think everyone gets a touch of it at some point, so you're not alone.

    Recently, I've started checking out www(dot)givesmehope(dot)com whenever I feel down. Inspiring stories ftw.

  • yeah I had a pretty crappy day , failed a computer class exam , got woken up at 3 am by my roomate who decided to watch a loud movie at 3 am , and found out my ex girlfriend is seeing another guy which made me jealous . so its been a rough day


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