Should I tell my Grandma I have 3 tattoos, before we go on vacation?

Beach vacation--she will have to see them!
Somewhat conservative--but she's also an artist
I'm an artist who had some wild hairstyles over the years/fashion looks
I'm not sure if this will be a good surprise or bad one?
Haven't seen her in 3 years!
The tattoos are of flowers (garter tattoo), a seashell (collar bone) and another has flowers with a butterfly (in honor of my mom) <3 (but they are medium to large tattoos) NO masculine or dark imagery or inappropriate stuff :)

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You guys and gals are not making this easy lol! The majority of females wish for me to tell her! The majority of males want me to be mysterious and sneaky! Though... I'm so confused. 😢


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its your body your life however you choose to express your selfis up to you. Let her see them for herself then we has her own time to be absorb it with out confrontation.
    You will hve grown up lot in 3 years she won't of expected you to be the same little girl. If so then the problem is hers. U

    • I still didn't tell her... but I'm worried because it's not just her I'd be showing... it will be most of my family :O It's actually a family vacation :O

Most Helpful Girl

  • By my experience yes. My sister had his hair blue and when my grandmother see ut she pratically faint. So I think it's better to prepare her before

    • Good point :) One tattoo would be bad... BUT... 3 lol... too much of a shock lol. They are really feminine designs, thankfully!

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    • Glad you care :) thanks girl!!

    • You're welcome :)

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  • Why tell her before she sees them? Why get in trouble for the same thing, twice?
    They seem like average, normal tattoos, and nothing that crazy, like in your 'private places'.
    Probably not going to be a big issue. . .

  • when i got my first tattoo know one knew i had it till they looked at it for a few seconds sucks to be dark skinned black sometimes i wish i was a bit lighter skinned i have a tattoo of Trafalgar laws Jolly Roger and it took my friends about 1 year to notice i had it. its on my shoulder. hell my boyfriend didn't notice it on our first date and he was right next to it most of the time <.<

    • My friend is black and I can barely see the one on her wrist... I understand how you feel... I'm kinda the opposite... SUPER PALE... so there is no way she won't see these... I'm not even tan, so I can't hide them at all :(

  • She'll find out soon enough.

  • never ;)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Let's see here...
    • She's an artist
    • You don't see her very often at all (you haven't seen her in 3 years)

    Going off those two points alone, I'm gna make a strong guess that "somewhat conservative" might be totally, absolutely, astonishingly wrong, and that yr grandmother might actually one day tell you stories that would make you blush.

    In fact, whatever rebel-girl qualities you have -- that's probably where you got them.

  • Why, if she is an artist, she is open minded. And she will see them anyway. You can always warn her when you change to bikini with some joking phrase like "First sunbath for my tattoos this year" or something like that. :-)

    • Unfortunately, I also have a scar from an lol ex-belly button piercing ahahha... it only lasted 4 months... then got infected... so on top of the tattoo thing--I have to wear a one piece!!!

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