Can I Get Your Opinion On Hairy Guys (from girls and guys just curious)?

Chest hair , arm hair, leg hair , etc. Girls what do you think of hairy men, would you date them? Guys what do you think of being hairy would you let it all grow out do you groom the hair often, are you naturally hairy or naturally bald? Does it even matter to the genders? So what is your preference when it comes to bodily hair on a guy to date them or to be them? Also does the body type matter for the amount of hair a guy can/ decides to have? - 1 - 2 -3

I just put the picture links there as an example but feel free to include links of your own in your comments.

  • Very hairy -1
  • Mildly Hairy ( or trimmed ) -2
  • all waxed/ lasered/ shaved off -3
  • doesn't matter
  • your choice ( explain in comments )
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