Girls, would you date a guy who has some grey hair and is young ?

Lets say you are in your twenties and there is a guy in his early 30s , would you date him if he had lets say 1/4 of his hair grey? My family has it I guess. My uncle had full 100% grey hair when he was 27.

Would you mind me coloring it ? would you love coloring it or would you hate it ? Would you see me less of a man because I color my hair?


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  • Depending on the guy, a salt and pepper 'do can look hot. I mean, look at how many women love George Clooney...he has grey hair and isn't even young! Personally, I wouldn't be bothered by grey hair (or dyed hair if it would help they guy's confidence.) I'd be far more worried about premature balding then greying if I were you...

    • Well, balding is godwillingly the last thing I worry about because I am thick in that department .

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  • It;s fine, doesn't make a difference to me.

    I would mind if you colored it because 90% of girls do it, so why can't guys?

    • You would mind or wouldn't mind?

    • Wouldn't, sry about the typo

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