What should I wear when I am apologizing to her?

So I have few short days to prepare to confront my love about my mistakes and how I feel about her. She will very much stop talking to me and reject me again, but I still wanted to meet her and apologize about my mistake because the guilt is killing me. I did not cheat on her or anything, its just that I rudely started ignoring her out of a personal reason, she might or might not will to understand.

So yeah, also I'm bald... out of choice. What should I wear? its the first time Im actually asking a girl to come out somewhere and meet me. Its a milestone for me :P


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  • Pants... definitely pants. And maybe a hat.


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  • Shirtless with a bow tie would lighten the mood😊

    • Thats not helping, I'll meet her in a park. :P

    • Just wear what you are comfortable in. Or something she has either given you as a gift or has commented on how much she likes on you.

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