Attracted to coworker... Is he interested?

So, I just separate from my husband like two months ago. A few weeks back I started a new job where this guy started flirting with me... you know, eye contact, followed me around, trying to break the ice with all kinds of questions... Then I started to talk about my baby daughter with other co-workers. He asked me about my daughter and he told me he also have a baby girl same age as mine. We started talking more, about our girls. Then, I started to feel something for him, I still don't know what it is. Anyways, I ask him about his wife and he told me they are not married, and he is planning on moving out... Everyday at work he look at me and smiles at me, he also helped me with my baby's car seat. Today we talked a lot about our personal lives and he keep asking me questions about what I think is the best thing to do with his situation at home. Please help! is he interested in me? I am so confused!

Please help me with this situation. I can't get I'm out of my head! what is going on?


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  • Work and relationships not a good idea, if it goes bad so will the work relationship, yes if you are geting lots of attention he is interested.


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