Natural vs Synthetic beauty products?

So in my early twenties I used to be into organic and "natural" beauty before I used my brain and researched and found out the real deal on them. Does anyone else feel disgusted that the beauty industry cashes in on our insecurities about what we put on our skin? I don't blame people for being wary of ingredients, but I do encourage them to research and find out that organic or natural is not any better and can actually be worse for you. But I think it is ridiculous that the FDA doesn't get more involved in the beauty industry to ban these so-called, "natural" products and ban ingredients that are actually bad for your beauty and health such as dyes and fragrances. That way the informed consumer doesn't have to waste money and shit that don't work. Personally, I use either Dermadoctor or Paula's Choice for my skincare routine now. What do you use? Do you like natural or synthetic beauty products, and why or why not?


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  • FDA ban them? FDA is one of the most corrupt organizations. They don't ban them because corporations have poured in enough money to not let that happen. So Instead of proving product or ingredient is not harmful and then allowing it to be used. A product or ingredient has to be proven harmful to actually be taken off market.

    • True. Sometimes I see how lazy they are when it comes to regulating products. I know some people might not think it a big deal when it comes to skin, but as someone who has cycstic acne, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis that runs in the family, it is important to be able to use otc or prescription products that don't have ingredients in them that can exacerbate the condition, fragrance and dyes and essential oils are just some examples. I find these ingredients in some of the skin care products made for these skin conditions and it's like, wtf?

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  • I mainly use home made things for my skin care and most hair products apart from shampoo and conditioner.

    • this is the best idea in my opinion.

    • I would be careful if I were you. Natural doesn't equal better. Making homemade products from home doesn't have science to back up any positive or negative side effects it will have on your skin, but it will if you don't use it up all in one setting. Parabens and perservatives help keep skin care products safe longer by keeping all the nasty bacteria from entering it. There is no experation date on your homemade products and I'd be wary of them.

    • I keep them in the fridge usually, not for too long either. I've done a lot of reading and been doing it for a few years now so I'm pretty confident on the expiration side of things now. I know natural isn't always better, after all, some natural things are actually used as poisons haha. Many home made things are tried n tested though, and have stood the test of time, with recipes being passed down from generation to generation for years.

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  • You're over thinking it. I sometimes have acne break outs so i use a gel to help it. Other then that i just wash my face twice a day. I don't really use make up so I'm not worried about all the shit that's in it.

    • Yes, but most females use a lot of beauty products on a daily basis. I'm not saying that any of those ingredients could cause cancer, I'm not into the green washing fear mongering. But it is important for people who have really difficult skin conditions to get the products they need to deal with their skin that do not have ingredients in the product that will exacerbate the issues. An example is dyes and fragrances in a cleanser or cream for someone with rosacea. Makes no sense to make a product that claims to be sensitive for this skin problem yet has these ingredients in them. They are too harsh and have no benefits towards beauty products in general.

  • I don't like natural products. I don't see as big of an effect