I have-well I had, long curly brown hair but it like got really damaged and kept breaking off (ugh) so its pretty short now and I'm thinking about putting some curly extensions in? I got this like clip on and I'm thinking about using that but will it be too obvious its not real? I don't know I don't really want people knowing I have extensions.. and I was thinking I'm gonna have to keep putting the clip on in if people see me with it.. what do you guys think? should I start using the clip on till my hair gets longer? its like a little above my shoulders now- and REALLY CURLY. it does not look good!



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  • first don't be embarrassed about your extensions-everybody wears them from miley cyrus to beyonce. second I bet youve seen tons of girls with long gorgeous hair and never even know theyre wearing extensions. no one wants their extensions to look obvious I know but just don't like feel weird about it. its fun. I love changing my hair up and extensions are just a fun way to do it!

    clip ins are really easy and fun because like you can change them up everyday. just practice putting them in until you're comfortable and cover them up and no one will ever know :) go on youtube and see people do it. their hair looks so pretty and its really easy to do.

    if you don't always wanna put em in and take em out everyday you could get them sewn in or there's this really cool way called fusion. actually there's tons of ways to get them done professionally. it can get really expensive only thing though. just make sure you choose someone who can really help you grow your hair back and that you can trust with your hair.

    • Thank you! that really helped :)

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  • I suggest going to a beauty salon that caters mostly to black women, and ask about getting a weave done. They may recommend against it, given the condition of your hair, but if so, they may be able to suggest another option.


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  • i use the jessica simpson ones