Guys, which shoe would attract you more?

Im going somewhere special tomorrow that involves semi-formally dressing up. I'm torn between a pair of kitten heels and a pair of wedges---and Id like my choice to appeal to guys as I'm going to be seeing lots of them tomorrow.

The heels are just like 1 1/2 inch tall, slick and black. To me they look very dainty/classy.

On the other hand I have the wedges. They're not the wooden kind, they're entirely black suede, and over 4 inches tall. To me they give off a more young/modern vibe because of their height.

My outfit is definitely gonna be vamp, the overall look being slick and dark, and I want my shoes to go with the classy-but-hot vibe. So which one is it boys?

  • Classy kitten heel
    70% (7)
  • Tall wedges
    30% (3)
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  • Kitten heel tends to work a bit better but if you're going for heels you might as well as go all the way to stilettos.
    If you're gonna commit to the heel life , be 100% committed to it.

    Not really a big fan of tall wedges , they look a bit clunky. Not that sleek.

    • Im actually not a fan of kitten heels and feel the same---Im generally either gonna be in flats or in 5 inch tall shoes. No inbetween. But I currently don't own a tall pair of heels, so my only choices besides flats are the kitten heels and the wedges.

    • Ehk... kitten heels.
      Wedges tend to be worn by shorties trying to fake their height XD

    • Thanks for the MHG

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  • Personally I think the focus on what shoes to wear is one of the most overrated things out there. I never notice what kind of shoes girls wear.

  • Nothing just don't wear shoes.

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