What size am I in a skirt?

I am a medium in men's clothing size and I want to know what size I would be in women's skirts. Some have the size like 16, 18. What one of those am I?

  • 16
    40% (2)
  • 18
    40% (2)
  • 20
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  • Other (will comment with number)
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  • lol

    First you have to say whether these are US or UK sizes. US size numbers are 2-4 below the corresponding UK sizes (for instance, a US size 4 is a UK 6 or 8 depending on the designers).

    You won't wear any of the sizes you listed. Those are all "plus" sizes.
    Remember, men are a lot bigger than women in the upper body, but not much bigger below the waist... so, if you are size M in men's bottoms, you're not going to wear XXXL/size 18 in women's.

    In any case...
    Here are some typical waist and hip measurements for a few different sizes.
    Waist = all the way around yr NATURAL waist (*NOT* the "waist" where yr pants sit)
    Hip = all the way around wherever yr ass is biggest.

    US size 6 (UK 8 or 10): Waist 28", hip 37-39"
    US size 8 (UK 10 or 12): Waist 29", hip 38-40"
    US size 10 (UK 12 or 14): Waist 30", hip 40-42"
    US size 12 (UK 14 or 16): Waist 31-32", hip 42-45"

    You are a guy, so, you don't have a woman's waist. So it's unlikely that you would match both numbers for any given size.

    Unless you are trying to buy a high-waisted style (please God don't -- really, don't), the hip measurement is probably the one you should use.

    • This is just an interesting topic. I'm 36 in jeans. Which means I have a 36 inch or higher waist. Last time I measured my waist was 37.5 but I fit well in a medium size which is 32 hmmm
      My old jeans are 32 but I don't know if they fit me now
      Hmmm interesting how men and women are so unique

  • What's your pants size...

    • Medium.
      Jean size is 32 - 36 inch

  • What country? Those are all too big for you in any country though really. But different countries have different sizes.