Green eyes on a brown/black haired girl?

I know it's no surprise to see a white girl with green eyes - but what do guys think of girls who have brown/black hair and have green eyes?


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  • Dark brown hair + Green eyes + Good physique + A reasonable tan = A reason for me to get her number.. lol

    In all seriousness, you don't run into that girl too often. If I crossed paths with her, I'd probably gawk at her eyes and flirt with her about them in a playful mood. It's a good combo to have

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Haha! what do you mean by "good physique" ?

      I have green eyes and dark brown hair and it seems like people are shocked that I am not a blonde or something...

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    • I agree Here4you.. A great smile is ALWAYS a benefit :) Thanks man

    • Great minds think alike much?

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  • They're fine I guess, I've never cared what color a girls eyes/hair was.

  • Ouch guys must check you out all the time

    sounds awesome!

    it would be the icing on the cake if she had a killer smile too

    • Haha yeah I do get checked out quite a bit and I've been told I have a great smile.

      But it gets kind of creepy to be walking down the street and having random guys who pass you by look at you like this: O______________________________________O


      and sometimes I feel like that's the ONLY thing people see in me..

    • Lol gotcha

      well I would just take it as that the guys are in awe of your beauty (:

      but why do you say sometimes you feel that's the only thing people see in you

    • Haha nevermind it, I think I was just overthinking things :P

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  • What nationality are you?

    • I'm from the middle east

    • Wow that sounds really pretty. Very exotic.

    • Haha what do you mean by very exotic? I never really understand people when they say that :P

  • It depends on what the rest of your face is like. The combo is cute, but not every brown hair green eyed girl is.

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    • Agreed again ^_^ +1

    • Thank you both :)