What is the purpose of nude stockings in summer?

It was a crazy hot day and I saw this girl in front of me on the street wearing like transparent stockings under her dress? Not sure what they are called, but you barely notice them, only if you really look. Are they comfortable in heat, like what's the point?


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  • They're certainly not comfortable in heat. No stockings/tights or anything of that nature are ever really comfortable, regardless of what colour/material they're made of. If she was just hanging out with friends or doing something casual, I don't see much point in nude stockings... but, if she was coming from or going to work, or even church, she might opt for nude stockings as a way to maintain the level of respect meant for such places, without mixing in other colours?

    • But you couldn't even tell, so it wasn't for aesthetics or anything. DO even the ones that look transparent make your legs warm?

    • no, they don't make your legs warm. It was probably for the reason that I listed above if you care to actually read my answer.

  • I have no idea. Maybe she had scars or something on her legs she wanted to hide


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