I've been feeling frumpy lately. What can I do to make myself look and feel better?

I've been wearing jeans where the crotch is wearing out, bras that are 2 years old. My hair looks like I haven't done anything with it in years. What is a good way to make myself look and feel better?


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  • A 2 year-old bra is considered 'old'? I got shirts, boxers, and socks that are over 8 years old and still in good condition.
    You can try creating different combinations. Use different hairstyles. Edit your clothes in some way - Wear them differently.

    • Good ideas and honestly I only had 2 bras so they had a lot of wear and tear or maybe I'm a rough bra wearer lmao. They're all torn in the front and provide no support what so ever.

    • Ok. Use other materials to put your bras back together. Knitting maybe. Don't remember what they are called but those circle thingies that connect your straps together to provide better support and cleavage.

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  • In one of your comments you say your strapped for cash at the moment which I totally understand! You could make yourself a face mask and hair mask from things like banana and egg (google homemade face mask/hair mask) paper yourself from the outside in I guess, I like to go for a half an hour walk and if I'm feeling up for it I go for a run as well in that half an hour, I usually go at night and once I return home I have a shower and I swear there is no better feeling then that!
    Do you have any nail polish? You could paint your nails and toe nails as well along with the DIY hair and face mask like a paper day kind of thing!
    As for clothes you could even look up some DIYs for how to transform them.

    I hope you feel better soon! X


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  • Hit the gym... it will make you feel like a new woman

    • Great idea. I haven't been to the gym in ages and it really does make you feel good. Maybe I'll do that this week :) thanks.

  • If you've got some money to spend, go buy yourself a couple new outfits and get a new haircut.

  • I think you need a girls day! Go to a salon, get your nails done and a cute new cut. Then go shopping and get a new outfit.

    • Good idea! The only thing is I'm kind of strapped for cash right now :(

    • Thrift stores! Or have a clothing swap with some friends. That way you can pick up some new things and declutter :)

      Also, try beauty schools. There are a few around me that will charge a very very discounted rate for a hair cut/nails.

    • Awesome idea! I've done a clothing swap before. Now only if I had more friends LOL.

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