Can a a woman be attractive and still invisible?

I've been told by people that I'm attractive and pretty. I'm Asian and I've been compared to a young Lucy Liu and Gong Li and Demi Moore (yeah weird because they are all very different). I didn't ask them so it's not like they felt obliged to say these things. However, I mostly feel invisible. I've heard about attractive women being sad that guys stop looking at them after a certain age, but I have no idea what this would be like because I don't notice guys seeing me much. The few times that they did look at me, I wondered what was going on. I even turned around to see if there was a pretty woman behind me.


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  • Which country are you currently living in

    • I'm in the US, in the San Francisco area.

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    • Lol! Yeah, you're right. I look at the cute gay boys here, but they don't look at me! And there are a lot of Asians here. I get your point. I don't really make eye contact or dress up most of the time. I just hurriedly make my way down the street to my destination most of the time.

    • Dressing up makes a lot of difference lol

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  • Oh yeah... no matter their age.

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