Girls, Which dress should I wear?

I'm a sissy, and there is a convention. (Yes we have those). I actually own the pink dress, but am thinking of buying the white one, because I think it's really pretty. What is your opinion?

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  • The white one is very pretty, but definitely a little more formal, if that's a requirement for your event. However, I love the pink outfit. I may just have to look around for a similar one. You have nice taste! What are you doing for shoes, bags, etc? Do you do make-up and wigs, as well?

    • I have some really cute white open toed shoes to wear with the pink dress and a white clutch.

      We don't wear wigs... or at least I don't. The essence of being a sissy is knowing that you aren't a girl, but a guy in a dress.

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    • Thanks for your very nice comments. I think I will go with the pink, but may buy the white anyway. :)

    • There you go, that's the way to look at it! A girl can never have too many outfits!

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  • I like both, but dress 2 is my favourite for sure. Have fun :)

  • I'm sure dress two will be the one that turns heads! Have fun at the convention!

  • I think the first one is a bitmore casual.

  • What the?

    • Do you not like the dresses? Or do you have another problem?