Girls: Would you find this funny?

Hey girls,

I have a question, my style of humor is a bit different. I was wondering if you would find this dialogue to be funny. It was at the end of a 1st date and I was dropping her off.

Girl: "I like trying new restaurants"

Guy: "Speaking of restaurants, where are you taking me next time? :)"


Girl: "I like restaurant X."

Guy: "cool, let's go to that one next time, your treat :)"

I was trying to setup the next date and be funny at the same time.

The reason I ask is because one of my female friends didn't think it was funny when I was describing the end of the date to her. I'm not sure about her assessment so I would like to hear the opinions of others.

Thanks in advance!

Additional context: I say it as a joke, of course I wouldn't make her pay. She knows that I'm a successful guy and I paid for this date and I will pay for others. Again, it's just a joke :P
I was cracking jokes all night and she even complimented me for being funny and interesting!


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  • I can see it being kind of cute if you're really, genuinely a funny guy to start with and you've been cracking jokes all evening, but if you're not and you pull this out at the end of the date, I think your girl will be a little put off.

    • Yeah, I was cracking jokes all night. She even complimented me for being funny and interesting!

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  • ur weird. sorry but this really isn't funny? ^^

  • that wasn't funny and girls take that as a big turn off...

  • I think its very funny. good way to make more plans.

  • Personally, I can tell that you're joking, and I would find it quite funny. Probably smile and roll my eyes or just like tease you back.


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