Would a size 18-20 swimsuit bottom be too big?

I'm a size 14-16, and I'm looking to order a swimsuit. But they only have size 18-20 in the suit I want. Do you think it would be too risky if I bought a swimsuit that much bigger than me? Or do you think it wouldn't make much of a difference?
P. s. I don't really have much of a gut or love handles.

by the way the swimsuit bottom is a skirt. It's like a pencil skirt almost. Also it is high-waisted.


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  • Do a google image search of the bathing suit. More likely than not, that bathing suit will be sold by another vendor as well and that vendor may have the size you need.

    • Hey, you love Blue Öyster Cult! Good for you! Go go Godzilla!

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  • No size is too big for a swimsuit! Look at modcloth, the suits are expensive but very cute. Check out youtubers Loeylane and learningtobefearless, they do plus-size swimsuit hauls and radiate confidence!

    • Thanks :) I have all the confidence I need. I'm not worried about my body image. I'm just worried if getting a size bigger than usual will be too loose on me (hence possibly slipping off in the pool :P)

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  • buy your size. the most beautiful swim suit will look like crap if it is much to big

  • 18-20 is for hippos so I'd say it'll be too loose.


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