Why do guys give me hard looks all the time? (NOT homosexually)

All most wherever I go

Guys look at me with a hard ass look, I'm not gay and they aren't gay either

I always wonder why do guys I do not know at all always give me hard looks?

I was just in NYC yesterday and I was walking straight and I noticed this one guy giving me he a hard ass look but I didn't let him bother me so I just kept walking


before that I just entered my classroom and this one kid was taking his test and just looked up and stared at me for a good 10-15 seconds and then when I got up he stared at me again


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  • I don't know what you mean by "hard ass looks". A lot of guys, generally the insecure ones, try to stare other people down to assert their male dominance. Sort of like a pecking order with chickens or the pack mentality with dogs.

    • They don't really looks like the insecure type

      more like the party people

  • Guys who look at other guys like this are threatened by them, generally you pay attention to those you think are alpha, not wimps...

    • Im not intimidating at all

      if you looked at me you wouldn't feel threatened at all

      im more of the smart looking guy

    • Yeah I get it sometimes too anoying, avoiding eye contact is the best solution, ignor them etc..