Girls, do any of you feel uncomfortable wearing tights or leggings? I put them up to my waist line but they still end up falling down?

Also do you usually pull your tights/leggings up to your waist or not?

  • Ugh yes annoying
    33% (3)
  • Nah they usually fit fine
    67% (6)
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What Girls Said 3

  • I feel comfy in them and the ones i have stay in place. Some are designed to go above the hip but some are not

  • They are alright and yes it goes up above the hip

  • lol i haven't sorted it out. They go up too high or are too loose.

    • i tried thigh highs but i have no idea how to keep those up. too bad i really enjoy the sensation of tights a long my legs. i love running my hand over them. it tickles and makes me shiver lol

    • Lol oh yeah i tried knee highs once and they kept falling down too, gave up on them xD

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