Guys, what are the reasons you wouldn't ask out that beautiful, smart girl you like?

Even when you know she likes you.

  • She's just too intimidating.
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  • You are shy or have certain insecurities getting in the way
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  • You don't have the energy to put in the effort when there are other girls easier to get
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  • None of the above...fill in your own
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  • Well, I would think it's the fear of rejection, her not being interested in you, or you have a feeling she could be like past girls you have been with that had that same flare when you saw them.

    Sure there could be other factors that play a role in determining whether or not you would ask her, but I think rejection could be one biggest ones. I don't ask a lot of girls out, mostly because I am not looking but I know that back then I think fear was biggest door stopper.


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  • honestly there is so many reasons why we don't bother to ask out a hot girl . one of the reasons I don't bother a lot of the time is previous bad experiences where I just got screwed over by such girls or simply had no success anyways even when I did try and ask them to do something . so a lot of the time I might just not bother although I wouldn't really know if she liked me for sure or not a lot of the time , I'd just see her as someone who was pretty but unlikely to get

  • why don't YOU ask him out? seriously. it's 2010. why does it always have to be the guy's job? yet women see themselves as equals, as they should, but act like it.

  • I voted B, but for the most part, I can't really tell if a girl just likes me as a friend, or more than a friend.


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