Cute or Creepy?

Guys, what would you be thinking if you found a note left in your car from a girl saying that she liked you and she left her cell number? Creeped out or think it's cute? Would you call/text her?


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  • Someone left a flower under my windshield wiper one day. This is what I thought:

    What the hell is that?

    Is this a prank?

    Is this the right car?

    Who the heck would do this?

    Who did I encounter today?

    Why a Flower?

    Then I looked at my reflection in my window, and said to myself "Well, I did shave today" (lol, swear, it's true, and I know it's weird and funny)

    Then I called my friend Matt and asked him if anything weird happened to him that day, just so I'd know if I was solo on the weird happenings, lol. And I was. Then, later on, I found out who did it, it was my friend (who was a girl) she was just shy. Until then I thought it was a prank.

    But a flower.or a note; same difference.

    But I think it's such an old school-forgotten about/abandoned way of flirting that it's an interestingly-curious and cute way of catching someone's attention. But it wouldn't seem necessarily creepy; odd a little-maybe, maybe somewhat of prank until I called the number.


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  • If I found a note in my car I would be wondering how she unlocked my car ? I would find the note cute and if I thought she would be a good girlfriend I would definitely text her. Just give him the note in person and mention that you were to shy to talk so you thought writing would be a better way.

  • It depends, do I know who she is and has she talked to me before? You should really only consider this as an option if you're already on a first name basis with the person.

  • it would definitely not be creepy. cute isn't the exact word I would use, but it would be a good thing, I would definitely pressure her. it would be hard not to think of it as a prank though, so I might wait awhile and ask around

  • I wouldn't be creeped out. I'd text her first. And if she didn't respond after a bit, I'd call in case she didn't have texting.

  • I would take it as a prank done by one of my friends so I would put red lipstick on, kiss the note, spray a little bit of women's perfume on it and then toss it into an anonymous locker.


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