Can someone help me?

I waxed a part of my leg so it turned soo red and more taned I probably burnt myself ughh then went to the beach 2 days forward and today will be the 3rd day anw this part is soooo red especially after tanning at the beach, when i come back home i put burn cream on it, is this part gonna be distorted? Ill try to stay at home the rest of the week to avoid the sun

And im so depressed soo
Ill try not to sucide if it marks 🍷 Thank you for helping anyways 😘


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  • Use ice on it
    It'll help a lot
    And avoid sun for some days
    Use sunscreen too :P
    And next time be careful while waxing your legs or any other part

    • Bab i already went 2 days at the beach like i sayed all day there and im going now soo just tell me is it gonna mark on my leg if i stayed for the rest of the week and used ice and burn cream on itπŸ˜‚

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    • Crying at the beach 🍷🌞

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Why?

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  • It is never healthy to burn your skin and that's (it highers the risk for cancer!) why you should use sunscreen. Tanning is never good, even the ones who actually tan without burning gets more wrinkly faster and also have a higher risk for cancer. Just avoid sun for the part of the leg, you can use pants to cover it if you have to go outdoors. I have heard that if you burning yourself once, you'll probably burning that same part easier again. So use sunscreen even after the skin heals!


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  • It will heal, but it will take time. You don't have to avoid the sun, cover up the injured part and you'll be fine. You can also wear trousers and still go out.

    The "burn cream" has probably done its work. It will not speed up the healing process, though. Chamomile oil helps sooth the skin.

  • When taking the hair off you probably removed dead skin on the surface. Dead skin won't tan so this part will redden and then tan better. Try waxing fully or use a skin scrub in the shower to remove all dead skin and the tan will even out.

  • Lol
    If you've burnt that part than probably it'll become dry
    So keep mosturising that part when it heals
    I hope it'll not get distorted


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