Why do I get few "likes" on my selfies?

I have noticed my selfies get few "likes" on social media compared to my friends. Why is this the case? If i post other things on facebook i get about the same amount of "likes" as mye friends, but when i post a selfie people tend to ignore me, while my friends get a lot of likes when they post a selfie? Am i ugly or do i just post bad pictures?


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  • Maybe you take them from a bad angle or you have a stupid expression. Even bad quality cab affect it and one of the probably biggest mistakes guys make is to put stupid description or tags in your pics.
    Also what I have come across with, is that average looking people tend to get more likes than good looking ones. But then again, maybe that is just my preferences...


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  • If you are over 25 and posting selfies and hoping for likes, you might want to re-examine your life priorities

  • u must not like other ppl's stuff. interact with people so they look at ur posts in fondness and click like.

  • Show me your face


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